Online Temp-O - anyone else going to give it a try?

I’ve continued doing the online Temp-O events as they are a lot of fun and really force you to look carefully at maps and interpret terrain. As you are competing against current and past world champions, it is a great experience.
At the moment there is a one-a-month series based in Hungary. Soon there should be a special European autumn series and maybe even a quick end of summer one. I’m planning one of them, so watch out for an area we’ve used for JOG a couple of times in recent years!
And I’ve just noticed there’s a fun one for World Orienteering Day 8 September based on a Star Trek Online landscape!

How does it work ? This is not something I have come across before.

You get a photo of a scene with six control flags. Then you get a series of maps each with a control in it. For each one you have to decide which of the control flags match the control on the map, or whether isn’t any of them. Fastest time wins, but 30s penalty for each one you get wrong.

There’s an example at Torus Temp-O Results - Quantock Orienteers and some more explanation at Virtual TempO - Quantock Orienteers

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After two events in the World Orienteering Day series, I’m sitting in 127th, just behind Tsuyoshi Ban of Japan. QO is the 150th club and GBR is in 5th.

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Still some time left tonight to try the one set in Wellington that I was the planner for…