Norton Fitzwarren street series - Wed 15/12

It is the second race in the QO street series on Wednesday evening at Norton Fitzwarren - Norton Fitzwarren - Quantock Orienteers

My (new) phone will be heavily strapped to my arm to avoid last time’s disaster (I am still gutted not to have managed to upload my route as I had a good run!).

After my run, I will be heading to the Ring of Bells Inn afterwards if anyone fancies a drink.

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Cracking area , well planned, good map. Many thanks

Sad I couldn’t be there. I’d been looking forward to it.

I enjoyed it - lots of detail to catch you out in those estates with all the cut-throughs.

Can I just check a rule? I made route choices that avoided changing colours too early, but someone suggested you had to ‘ping’ two colours consecutively to switch, and there was even the suggestion that it does not matter as it can be adjusted after the event as long as you declare when you want the switch to be. What is the rule?

Not that it made much difference to me as I went on a confusion loop to get controls I had already got before pivoting to get controls I was going to get later…

You do have to ping two in a row to switch. Deliberately choosing not to is something I would never have advised! If say the second ‘switch’ control stubbornly wouldn’t buzz, after 20s moving around trying to find it, I’d move on and let Alasdair on admin kindly reinstate it.

The ‘two’ changed colour controls code was included so that anyone unintentionally going near the ‘other’ colour would not be considered to have changed colour unless a second ‘other’ colour was registered following it.

Exactly. When SI punching, it is possible to run straight past a control and choose not to punch it. With SIAC contactless, you have to give a bigger margin just in case. With GPS punching, the radius is too large and unpredictable to rely on skirting around a control, hence the two in a row rule.

Ok that all makes sense. But if you accidentally do three in a row, then tough?

Yes. But courses should be planned to minimise that chance, and certainly to avoid forcing a change.