Netherclay JOG - 22nd October (Shameless plug)

This a shameless plug for the JOG this Saturday at Netherclay planned by my daughter Al (W12).

Netherclay is a small community woodland just outside Bishops Hull on the west edge of Taunton. It is very compact - the map is only 1:2k. There are a number of large grass paths between the wooded sections with a handful of small track cut-throughs. As it is compact it is a great place for juniors.

The hare course keeps mostly to the large grass paths (with one exception), whereas the squirrel course introduces a few more of the cut-through paths.

The badger, despite the small area, is 3.3km - there are a few interesting control sites on features off the paths, and you will definitely get to visit all parts of Nertherclay.

The fox is a (MapRun) sprint / urban using a new map I have done of Bishops Hull (including Netherclay). It is 4km (straight line) and includes the green spaces in the centre of Bishop’s Hull, a fast and furious sprint section and some rougher terrain in Netherclay. Quite a few of the legs have some interesting micro-route choices. The same map will also be used for the Street Series event later in the year.

Hope to see you there. The photo below was from our final Fox test run in the rain!