Nailsea - BOK Urban - 15/06/22 results

Another sweltering Wednesday evening as the BOK urban league moved to Nailsea.

A good contingent of 12 QOs made the journey - for results see Race 7 - Nailsea - BOK Urban 2022, Results

On Short, Julia enjoyed her course. On Medium, Graham continued his run of fantastic results, coming in 4th. Rosie, Steve and Martin were all in the top 16, and Roger @craddocktaunton was 46th. On the Long, Phil (@daylightgambler) had a consistent run coming 12th ahead of @Pete in 16th who lost time in the detailed wooded area. @ChrisP, unfortunately, missed a control but otherwise enjoyed his run. @andyr come 26th, with Shelia in 30th and Hamish 42nd.

In the league, Graham is leading the men on the Medium (2nd overall) with Martin 6th overall. On the Long, Phil @daylightgambler is nominally 5 points ahead of @Pete, but with 5 points difference in the lowest scores (only the top 6 scores count), it is neck and neck.