Looking for a lift for UK championships (as no petrol)

I was hopeful that the petrol situation would improve by the end of the week, but it is increasingly looking like I might not be able to get the petrol needed to get to Braunton Borrows this weekend :persevere::rage: (all three of my local stations are out)

So, as a contingency plan, is anyone able to give me a lift (ideally on both days)? The catch is I am volunteering, so I need to be there for most of the event?

Also pointers to local petrol stations with fuel and tolerable queues would also be appreciated.

Phew panic over, and thanks to a tip off from @stodge I have petrol! East Taunton looks better stocked than our side.

We now just need the storm and rain to not be as bad as forecast.

If anyone needs a lift (and is happy to hang around most of the day) then just let me know.