Lockdown Orienteering is back as Orienteering Unlocked

Lockdown Orienteering, which a few Quantock Orienteers took part in during the first national lockdown is back, with a new name: Orienteering Unlocked.

The first event has a theme of World Champs 1999 - Wednesday 11th to Sunday 15th November.

We’ll be going back in time to the Highlands of Scotland to sample the maps, look back at what happened in the races and chat to people who were there. More info on our new website.

In total there will be 10 stages and the following are so far confirmed:

Photo Memory O
The Maze!
Matching Maps
Up or Down?
3 x Catching Feature stages (optional)

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Brilliant news, I enjoyed lockdown orienteering a lot last time! I think I am getting better at reading the map contours for up or down, but my memory needs work for the maze.

Just done my entry. Am hoping to do better than last time - its harder than it looks.

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Oh dear - I forgot to do it! I don’t think I ever did that with “real” orienteering. Fortunately the puzzles are still there, so I am now doing a few stages

We forgot to even enter!