Lipica Open 2024 - Day 4

I didn’t have the best day of our Magnificent 7 but Phil’s already had his turn as Editor.
Glorious sunshine . It was so nice to see the back of the rain.
The area was near Preloze village. The arena had a great view of the motorway!
Classed as an S4 event on a mostly newly mapped area & described as ‘mostly well runnable forest’. Compared to the last 3 days it was, but it was still very rocky underfoot with lots of huge depressions.
1.5km walk to the start with only 25km climb so a gentle stroll.
Plenty more walls to clamber over & paths were indistinct, so you had to keep tocking off the big features. A chap from Dartford who was 2 minutes in front of me kept popping up & dashing in front of me - think he’d had to double back for one so i has to stay focussed & ignore him. Sure he was surprised to see me
I probably lost 2 minutes or so helping other runners.
It wasn’t a clean run but I felt I mostly kept in touch with the map & compared to my previous 2 days a vast improvement.
On the whole I’m happy with today’s result. Less happy about falling at no 9 & the big bruise that will result! Here’s to a further improvement on the last day

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You do yourself a disservice @AdeleA - you had a good result today!


I struggled with the terrain under foot and across my course I twisted my ankle, fell onto a stone, smashed my feet against countless rocks and had a huge nose bleed, so I was not particularly fast. Navigationally I was relatively happy but my route choices for the two long legs where not particularly great.

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Adele has underplayed her achievement today- her w60 course was the same as my m60 one- admittedly I had a poor one with a couple of quite large mistakes costing me a good ten mins penalties in total- I had hoped to achieve a repeat ( or better) of yesterday’s 45 mins as the course profile was essentially identical but was disappointed to be just over an hour- by comparison and taking into consideration previous days’ results, Adele’s time was excellent.

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This photo by the official event photographer probably says a lot - me looking confused at the map (although I was fairly sure I was running at the same time).

(and yes my new tea-bag O top happens to look like a BOK top)