Lipica 2024 Day 5

Well, the QO contingent have survived their first foray into foreign territory and it has been somewhat a baptism of fire. Testing courses over rough terrain plus poor weather at the start were possibly not what was expected from our sales patter with sunshine and no brambles as features. Fortunately the sun came out for the last two days. Everyone completed their 5 courses - no mean feat with many competitors falling by the wayside. Phil especially was justifiably pleased with his top 10 position in M45. All the statistics and maps are on the Lipica website for those inclined to delve further. Well fed now after another sociable restaurant visit comment was made on how nice it is to have the opportunity to get to know other club members and even the anticipation of other ventures - there is a whole plethora of foreign possibilities to choose from. Slovenia has definitely got the thumbs up for food, friendliness and scenery.

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