Lipica 2024 - Day 3

Well I had a really good days orienteering today and so I’m going to do the write up for day 3.

The terrain was a bit easier underfoot, still loads of the dry stone walls to clamber over but the ground wasnt quite as rocky.
I managed to go straight in to all my controls. Control 1 - across 2 walls and down into a very deep depression. Contol 2 - straight forward back across wall and small depression the other side of thicket. Just like to clarify, their idea of a thicket is not quite the same as ours - it was a clump of gorse. Control 3 - I used the double walls until the corner and navigated in from there using the wall junctions/corners. Control 4 - was an absolute delight, across ground not littered with rocks and I used the double wall to go in from. Control 5 - wasn’t a cairn or rock, a spur for a change and was close enough to be straight forward. Control 6 - was, believe it or not, a clamber over 3 walls and then a climb over rocky ground to get to base of crag. Control 7 - a re-entrant, again there was enough features to assist navigation. Control 8 - a fairly long leg, I did my pace counting and basically contoured. I navigated in from the wall junctions. Control 9 - no walls but a serious gorge and rocky area to cross. Got across that only to trip over some wood and completely face plant. Another bruise to add to my collection. Contol 10 - straight line, pace counting and wall counting got me there. Control 11 - as far as I’m concerned, the toughest of the controls. Again I used the double walls to go along to the junction and navigate from there using wall crossings and cairns to assist. Control 12 - tough underfoot because of the rocks and I’m running out of steam. Went around the big drops and aimed for double wall section to go in from.
I finished and spoke to the person at download and I’m now back on the results. Apparently, my finish dib on day 1 wasn’t recorded.
Stunning area surrounded by snow covered peaks.


Like Karen, I also had a pretty good day - not quite the success of the first day but beyond a few silly errors (and tired legs) it was more fast and furious controls through the type of physical terrain I like.

@Pete also got a chance to show off his new orienteering outfit.


:rage: how do I delete pictures admin!!!


Unfortunately Phil modelling his new bag is nowhere near as embarrassing as the picture of me :flushed: so my revenge will have to wait…