LEJOG Lockdown Challenge

Feel free to share the ups and downs of your runs…

I had a wonderful run last night. It was properly cold, burning my lungs. Wonderful sensation!

I have contributed a couple of runs now. I’m trying to get my mileage up, so I did a 24km run on Sunday. I didn’t want to get told off for being too far from home so I did 2 laps of a local route. Another long run due.
I see we have covered quite a distance already. Now past Somerset and nearly in Bristol. Suprised to see we are running up the motorway though.

We just entered Scotland!!!
Makes me feel a bit better after Harlequins liked our idea so much they’ve done their own and are already on the way back south!

“Suprised to see we are running up the motorway though.”
It really helps with the distance plotting in Google. I did spend ages trying to decide on a route, but there is no official one other than for cars.

Perhaps I should have arranged a virtual police escort!

We have been logging our runs albeit short ones with kids, but every little helps!!

I’m amazed we made it to John O’Groats in less than a month. I wonder if we’ll make it back to Land’s End by the end of Lockdown?