Lanhydrock 24/10 - Kerno SWOL results

A few QO-ers made the journey to Bodmin to take part in Kerno’s South West Orienteering league event at the National Trust property, Lanhydrock.

Course Name Position
Brown Phil Sorrell @daylightgambler 6th
Brown Andy Rimes @andyr 9th
Blue Rosie Wych 15th
Green Alasdair Shaw 6th
Short Green Roger Craddock @craddocktaunton 2nd
Yellow Freyja Shaw 1st
Yellow Al Hemmings 2nd
Yellow Sebastian Hemmings 5th

All the results: Results for Lanhydrock - 24 Oct 2021

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There will be a few write-ups to follow, but for my part, I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of terrain from open parkland to more technically ‘messy’ woods. I found the course exhausting physically, but in most cases, the orienteering went quite well with only one very dodgy control and another poor route choice (go through the head height brambles or take the fractionally longer runnable forest?), and I had my best leg to date successfully pace counting in a featureless area of woodland to the control. Overall very happy with my result.

I was pleased to have a reasonable run in the sunshine after a very damp journey to Cornwall. My heart sank as I descended steadily for the first two controls - the expected climb came for the last few controls! I’m not sure where the winner on Short Green came from but she has much better lungs than me and is half my age! Afterwards we enjoyed a visit to the delightful St Winnows Church, on the River Fowey and had a ‘booster’ jab at Plymouth Argyle Football Stadium to complete an interesting day.
Roger Craddock

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Write up from

This weekend was the furthest Freyja has yet travelled specifically for an orienteering event. We had a tight schedule, with a sleepover finishing at 11am and then another meeting with friends in the afternoon, but luckily traffic was light and everything clicked into place.

My run went well, picking up every control nicely. Only one pause to relocate when I came out of a contouring section a bit too high and one where I wanted to triple check that the mapped fence really didn’t exist. Some lovely splashing through streams and a good mix of terrains. I’d pretty much burnt out by it came to the final two legs up the big hill, though, but judging by everyone’s splits that was the case all round.

Freyja’s run didn’t start too well. They didn’t have any Yellow maps left but they were able to draw one for her on a spare Green. But once she’d actually got going she stormed through. And meeting up with QO friends who had also travelled down meant she was completely happy.

We’d been to Lanhydrock a couple of times before on family trips. This was the first time orienteering, and as always that meant I got to see so many different areas.

I saw her map - she did fantastically considering that handicap.