Knightshayes results - 15/05/22

A sizeable contingent of QOs made the journey down the road to Knightshayes Park near Tiverton for Devon’s contribution to World Orienteering Week on a humid Sunday between rain showers.

A special shout out to Robin, just one minute behind Ben Chesters from Devon on Long, Miffy 4th on Medium and all the juniors who took part - Hamish on Long, Jacob, Al and Sebastian on Medium, and Deeyana and Illyaseen on Short (who came 2nd and 3rd).


2nd Robin Fieldhouse 40:58
9th Jeff Pakes 55:03 @Jeff.Pakes
15th Stephen Lysaczenko 58:24 @stephen
18th Hamish Braine-Clarke 60:26
23rd Sm Braine 65:10
Philip Sorrell m15 @daylightgambler
Graham Pearson rtd


4th Miffy Treherne 39:49 @Miffy
11th Simon St Leger-Harris 44:46 @simonslh
13th Ray Toomer 45:18
19th Roger Craddock 52:19 @craddocktaunton
24th Martin Fieldhouse 58:59
26th Jacob Chattell 63:05
27th Steve Chattell 63:23
31st Susan Toomer 72:49
32nd Linda Regel 76:27
35th Sebastian Hemmings 115:02
36th Al Hemmings 117:05


2nd Deeyana Jaradat 44:01
3rd Ilyaseen Jaradat 44:19

Hope you all enjoyed it. Knightshayes is a pleasant area and would make a good venue for a Devon v QO team challenge, being on the border between us!

I did enjoy it despite missing a control in all the excitement (and choosing a terrible route choice towards the end).

Now that is a challenge!

Well, with the impressive numbers of juniors that QO have, I wouldn’t assume Devon would win!

I wasn’t :wink:

Let’s make this happen!