Kit Hill Kerno Regional

A great thing about orienteering is that it takes us to places we wouldn’t normally visit. Kit Hill between Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor is one of those that would hardly be noticed heading along the A30 towards Cornwall but is indeed worth the detour now it has been mapped and used for orienteering. An isolated hill with old mine workings and apparently 5000 pits it provided a real orienteering challenge. The map was described as work in progress and made good use of Lidar to capture great detail.

I soon settled on picking out small paths wherever possible as the rough open was hard to run through at any speed. It was also the right time of year for died back bracken on the lower slopes. For me on Brown it was a 102 minute adventure and nearly 20’ longer than the previous week at West Down, barely 10km east as the crow flies.