JOG farewell from Judy and Roger

To all those JOGgers who have supported our activities (now events) over the last 15 years, many thanks for your co-operation, participation, and friendship.

At our final JOG at Broomfiield Hill and at the social gathering afterwards we were grateful for the opportunity to say goodbye to the following: Acton family, Winder family, Hardwick family, Bex & Harriet Grand, Toomer and Macpherson families, Hitchins family, Goddard family, Jaradat family, Pakes family, Angela Modica, Hazel & Linda Mudd, Sheila & Hamish Braine, Miffy Treherne and Simon St. Leger-Harris, Vikki Page, David Harrison, Chris Philip,Tony Hampson, Mike & Margaret Crockett, Graham Pearson, Vanessa Warren, Joanna & Bryony Evans.

The Broomfield Hill results and the final League positions will be displayed on the website, and you might be interested to see Chris Philip’s Fox course which gave plenty of practice for ‘O’ skills!

The Mudds.JOG contributions

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Everyone flying the QO flag** in Slovenia is sorry to have missed your last JOG and farewell gathering @craddocktaunton

On behalf of the Sorrell-Pascall-Hemmings family I want to thank you both for all your tireless work for the club over the years. You will be missed.

** figuratively as getting the QO banner on the plane would have been a nightmare