JK2021 Cancelled

Sad, though not entirely unexpected, news. Even with the written support of DCMS confirming that events following British Orienteering’s guidelines are CovidSafe, it is proving difficult to get permissions for councils and landowners.

It is obviously a shame to lose an event like this that was going to be relatively local to us.

However, I will be surprised if things will be normal enough by Easter for an event of this scale, bringing people together from across the country, to be safely held anywhere.

Is there a more local impact on the issue of gaining permissions for our events?

That’s sad to hear as I was looking forward to going, but makes sense as a whole year group at my sons school is already in isolation and they’ve only been back at school for 4 days - not his… yet!!!

I’m not sure who you need to ask for permission for Wind Down, but going to have a look today to see if it’s a suitable location for next years Club Champs. I think there has been a lot of logging activity though.


Orienteering is one of the sports that has been declared CovidSafe by DCMS and thus the rule of six doesn’t apply when our operating procedures are followed.
The problem is that landowners are understandably reluctant to give permission.

FE, who control much of our event land, had a maximum number of 30 per event in even before rule of six. We’ve had to shelve QOFL1 and QOFL2 and are waiting to hear about QOFL3/DEV.
JOG is proving more possible, though it is still not proving easy to get permissions.

That’s frustrating :persevere: Just seen all the cancellations of other south west club events as well.

I suppose it is understandable from FE’s perspective though.

Good idea for a venue. I’m sure Bill would help with remap if it means a Club Champs in a forest. I think it was Steve who has updated the map recently for a JOG. Worth looking at the vegetation as it is now as that might give a clue as to what it would be like in a year’s time.
Congratulations on being Club Champion. Let me have the trophy sometime and I will get it engraved

Listening to the news today the rule of 6 includes children does that mean the rule of 30 includes children ?