JK Day 3 Results - Long Distance at Pwll Du

Another great day at JK, just down the road from yesterday’s venue. The morning started sunny although it became cloudy and the wind picked up towards the end. The assembly had a nice long run in to the finish and plenty of space for club tents, so there was a great atmosphere. It was slightly different terrain to yesterday - but still plenty of contour detail but on a larger scale.

Here are the results for QOs - congratulations to everyone who took part and our thanks to all the organisers and volunteers for putting on such a great event.



2nd Oliver Lewis 45:12


39th Hamish Braine-Clarke 98:31


4th Thomas Hasler 137:32 @Tom


34th Adam Fieldhouse 125:15
42nd Robin Fieldhouse 132:18


25th Philip Sorrell 98:26 @daylightgambler
26th Peter Shirvington 98:45 @Pete


44th Jeff Pakes 99:09 @Jeff.Pakes
70th Martin Lewis 146:16


22nd Paul Chavasse 80:42
54th Andy Rimes 91:03 @andyr


59th Alan Nesbit 95:37


39th Steve Robertson 74:29
59th Simon St Leger-Harris 88:17 @simonslh


Roger Craddock rtd @craddocktaunton


2nd Annabelle Lewis 201:41


43rd Elizabeth Treherne 106:06


54th Sheila Braine 109:47
61st Joanna Evans 125:59


15th Adele Appleby 81:17
22nd Karen Lewis 113:58 @KarenLewis


12th Judy Nesbit 81:37


26th Rosie Wych 85:34

Light Green

60th Sarah Hasler 91:17

Once again I was one of the first to the fantastic assembly area to relax with a coffee and enjoy the view in the sunshine, after a long but surprisingly picturesque walk from the car park.

Unlike the previous day, there are final controls visible from the assembly and a run into the finish past the club tents, so the atmosphere was brilliant.

I was worried about the terrain after the day before’s disaster and worried about tired legs, but from the moment I was out on the terrain I loved it. Looking back at my route, there are definate improvements to route choices, but I mostly delivered on each leg with only a few minor errors. My best run to date!

Club Captain Pete was on the same course with a start just before I got back, so I settled in to wait. The minutes ticked on, but when he appeared near the last but one control seemingly ahead he ran past it and had to correct losing time. He finished the course with an impressive sprint finish - I thought he had done enough… but in the end, I had come in just 19 seconds faster on a 98-minute course.

I would really recommend you watch our race off on Routegadget as it is thrilling, with neither of us more than 1.5 minutes ahead as we take different route choices. Pete claws back the lead on the final long leg after I make an error before losing it with his small error on that last but one control. Watch it at: Routegadget 2

From Hamish:

Day 3 Long Course of 6.5km with a 260m climb at Pwll Du near Blaenavon. This was the hardest day in my opinion as I ran hard in the second day and was tired. The map scale was 1:10, 000. The terrain was high, open land with both large and detailed contour features and rocky outcrops from historic mining activity and large areas of marsh. This did not help as it was the long course. It was a real learning experience for my navigation as I had a few long legs with not much other than contours to navigate off. I made a few mistakes and lost a bit of confidence as well as concentration on some of the longer legs. Next time I think I will try to stay more focussed.