JK Day 2 Results - Middle Distance at Clydach Terrace

Another beautiful sunny day for JK day 2 - the middle distance event at Clydach Terrace on the edge of Brecon Beacons.

23 QOs headed out onto this technical terrain with few line features and a lot of contour detail which rewarded good navigation and focus.

Fantastic job everyone - how did you find it?

Full results: Provisional Results - Day 2 - Middle - 16 Apr 2022


5th Oliver Lewis 57:03


37th Hamish Braine-Clarke 56:25


4th Thomas Hasler 53:06 @Tom


65th Robin Fieldhouse 48:00
83rd Adam Fieldhouse 60:02


42nd Philip Sorrell 73:26 @daylightgambler


33rd Jeff Pakes 52:30 @Jeff.Pakes
68th Martin Lewis 97:18


74th Paul Chavasse 53:26
86th Andy Rimes 59:03 @andyr


63rd Alan Nesbit 57:00


35th Steve Robertson 43:21
67th Simon St Leger-Harris 66:52 @simonslh


13th Roger Craddock 71:57 @craddocktaunton


2nd Annabelle Lewis 102:19


36th Elizabeth Treherne 50:58


32nd Sheila Braine 51:16
51st Joanna Evans 65:22
61st Karen Lewis 78:33 @KarenLewis


9th Adele Appleby 52:26


13th Rosie Wych 37:54

Light Green

39th Judy Nesbit 56:04
45th Sarah Hasler 61:49

I was super keen and was one of the first to arrive at the school where the assembly was (a fairly long walk from the start) to enjoy the morning sunshine with a coffee and soak up the atmosphere.

Suitably caffeinated, hydrated, and relaxed I wandered up to the start where Steve imparted some wisdom that the trick on the course, which has very detailed contour features, is to work out what is big enough, with 5m contours, to be on the map. I should have listened more…

Control 1 was nice and easy and then… I messed up to control 2. Massively. I was pulled around too far on a path, got spun around, and just could not relocate. In the end, I drifted near to my control 4 and halfway back to control 1 before I figured it out and ran down to the very obvious control. An impossible to recover from 14 minute error.

Mentally I did not recover - although I pretty quickly got used to the map, I never really enjoyed the rest of the course and was glad when it finished. Actually, other than two more poor controls, where I made dubious decisions, I actually did ok but ultimately came in 42nd of 51.

My full route: Routegadget 2

From Hamish:

Day 2 was a medium distance course of 4.2km at Clydack Terrace near Ebbw Vale on a 1:7,500 scale in an open area of rough terrain with detailed contour features. There were no trees and few paths that my route choice could use. This was my favourite day. I really enjoyed the course because I wasn’t too tired from the first day. The ground was a real challenge, with 120m climb, lots of tricky ground and marshy areas and I liked that because I seem to do well on difficult terrain. Overall, it was quite technical and I have learnt a few new skills, such as trusting my compass to take me straight on a bearing to my next control and reading the contours to picture the landscape in 3D. Not being distracted by other runners was hard but I found my confidence and went my own way. Which was good.