JK 2024 Day 4 Relays - Podium for Status Quo

A great performance by the trio of Finley Goddard, Mark Goddard and Sheila Braine gave them third place in the Mixed Ad-Hoc class. The team members were only decided upon the day before and the running order was agreed during the setting up of the club tent, an hour before the off.

The venue Stanton Moor, an intricate area of rocky steep terrain with exposed moorland was looking very broody under a constant drizzle and low mist. The mandatory cagoules sign was taken away at the last moment with a recommendation to still carry one, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the three QO teams. We also had QOFlock running in the JK Trophy: Adam Fieldhouse, Robert Fieldhouse, Robin Fieldhouse. Qorvet in M165+ class: Brian Pearson, Steve Robertson, Jeff Pakes.

Finley M14 took the longest first leg 4.2km competing against all ages, no doubt selected to get their teams off to a speedy start. It proved to be a good choice as Finley has shown great form over the weekend against his fellow age group, he brought the ‘baton’ home in 34mins and 9th place out of 44 teams.

There was a very Fast Fins team in the lead, then the following teams were spread out, with Mark in close contact with two others. Mark had also shown great speed over the weekend further helped by a rest day beforehand. He reeled in those ahead one by one, and despite it being the shortest leg at 2.6km Orange standard, he finished in 22mins and 4th quickest, keeping pace with the Fins and good enough to bring Status Quo into 2nd place at the handover.

Sheila then set off on her 3.2km leg and had a great run after a full weekend of racing, only being overtaken by one M21 to finish in 31mins and secure 3rd place for the team. It was great to hear the commentator shout out for Sheila and QO, with the supporters cheering as she sprinted for the line.

Our JK Trophy team had a fine performance to finish 22nd place, QO must be one of the few small clubs to have a team capable of competing at the highest level. Experience will be sure to play a role here in the future, with the gaffling of controls catching some out but using raw speed to reel in teams ahead.

The Vets team Qorvet had mixed fortunes not least by giving away a few years to other teams. The weather played its part, making it very difficult for Steve with his steamed up wet glasses, and a lost, and brilliantly for the team, found dibber en route to complete in 61mins. Brian Pearson had a solid start on his 4.7km leg to finish 22nd in 45mins and Jeff Pakes brought the team home with a 52’ run to finish ahead of 11 teams in 29th place.

Full results can be found here: https://www.sportident.co.uk/results/JK/2024/Relay/


Well done to all the QO relay teams