Ham Hill East and West QOFL Decider

Provisional results are up and Routegadget is ready for your routes via the link:

i had a blast today.

Firstly it was great to be running the start on such a surprisingly beautiful sunny day. All the competitors were in good spirits and I hope everyone enjoyed their runs.

Having twisted my ankle at the JOG last week, I had to back off a little to test how it was recovering (so I can be fit for JK). The terrain for the first few controls was not ideal, and I was quite hesitant into 1, then ran past the vegetation hiding 2 - I backtracked, then decided it was too soon and went on before running out of bushes and backtracking again. It was a relief leaving the ankle-tough terrain (once I had recovered from the big hill!)

The terrain after the map flip was a joy - I love this kind of detailed technical fine navigation and I made few mistakes working through the controls. There was a bit of local knowledge after our club champs a few years ago, especially the re-entrant at 13, the cut-through from 19 (I forgot it was there on the way in) and the track into 21. My only error was over-shooting 18 losing a bit of time.

I am really pleased with my result even without being injured.

Thanks to Brian, Bill and Ray, as well as Oli the organiser and the other volunteers for putting on a great event.

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A tough, technical Short Green - great fun! Being a slow runner, I enjoyed part 2 more than part 1. No problem with control 5 (126) changeover except incomprehensible detour east (twerp). Thoroughly enjoyed 7 to 14! Found 15 (134) after struggle through evil terrain. Although I liked it, I wonder if it was right for Short Green. Otherwise flags well sited & no bingo controls.
Thank you for another challenging event.


Really enjoyed Green. Bright sun yet frost in the hollows! The first open bit was made more fun by having other visible markers and runners not necessarily on my course. The map-scale at change over threw me ( mistakes are very visible when you re-play your route), and, like others, I was helped by previous runs on Ham Hill. One very careless bit of navigation was after the distraction of passing the pub and saying hi to lots of nice dogs. And explaining what on earth we were all doing to other visitors. I’m increasingly less able to balance on steep slopes, particularly downward scrambles- but luckily there are few M75 to compete with… Can we have an ice-cream van at all our fixtures?? Thanks as ever to planners and organisers.


Yes, please! Our W12 was very pleased with that bonus.

Comments from the organiser, Ollie:

Thank you to everybody that turned up for this event. We had a much greater turnout than I could have imagined and arguably perfect weather for orienteering.

There was a bit of a struggle to summon a sufficient number of volunteers to help with the day. However, we did just manage to gain a full suit just in time. Due to bad planning on my behalf, I was occupied in the morning at the Taunton Half Marathon, but thankfully Roger and Judy saved the day and stepped up to act as organisers on the ground for the morning.

Brian, Bill, Ray and Jim produced some interesting courses, utilising two sides of the map at different scales. Although I did not have the time (or the legs) to run any of the courses, all the feedback I received from competitors was overwhelmingly positive. A big thank you to everybody who made the day run so smoothly.

Comments from the controller, Ray:

From the Controller’s perspective I found the day very enjoyable with all participants in a friendly and positive mood. The added challenge of the two sided map with differing scales was much commented on and seemed to be positively relished by competitors.

The good feedback on the enjoyability of the courses and the absence of comments of wrong/dodgy placement of controls I think stemmed from the vision of the Planner and attention to detail in the preparation. The openness of the (planning, mapping, controlling) group to discuss and change the map and courses was refreshing with a strong emphasis on getting things right.

Well done also to the organising team for making it all happen so smoothly.

Hello Mike, I’m glad you enjoyed the challenge and had a good run. Thanks for adding your route to Routegadget which shows you navigated well to 134. It is a difficult call trying to create a technical Short Green course as it often goes hand in hand with the terrain. We endeavoured to keep the length and climb within the guidelines and ensure the runners spent most time on part 2

As Planner, I found the process with two maps quite involved with great input from the mappers Bill and Jim and Ray’s controlling. The effort was worth it to introduce the new area and add a new challenge to the usual for Ham Hill. Routegadget shows we managed to give the runners plenty to think about for route choices and navigation. In addition to the positive feedback on the day, a highlight for me was sitting on the edge of the escarpment in the sun looking over the big valley, where I could see people on all the courses going for it. My thanks also to the team behind the scenes and helping on the day.