Future Strategy

The time has come to review what the club does and decide on our priorities for the future.

This has been prompted by the desire of Roger & Judy to retire next year from their club roles after many years of being at the heart of QO. We are very grateful for their service and will of course mark this when the time comes.

To start our review we are having a meeting on Tuesday 7th November 7:15pm at Staplegrove Village Hall. If you have an opinion you can send your thoughts in via Karen (secretary@) or Richard (chair@) in advance. Alternatively the meeting is open to all club members, but please let Karen know if you are intending to come.

The agenda is:

Objective: To identify QO’s priorities and decide where we focus our resources (Note, at this stage we are not expecting to allocate roles to individuals)

  1. Review what QO does: What do we most like about QO, what does the club do well
  2. Priorities: What do we feel is important, what do we spend most effort on, where are our efforts best spent
  3. Review the job list: Which roles are most important, which roles do we think we can fill, where could we be more efficient, anything we don’t need to do

We will update this page with the outcome of the meeting and further news on this subject.

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Updated after the meeting: Future Strategy - Quantock Orienteers