Exmoor Perambulation


At yesterday’s JOG I mentioned my intention to sign up for the 15 mile Exmoor Perambulation on Saturday 22 June 2024. I have completed this twice before: once, a fair time ago the 30 miler, more recently the 15miler. I have now entered.
There was an interest over lunch from several others. I have attached a link for people to browse. It is possible to enter as a team, but you would need at least 10 members and the discount is 10%. I would recommend people join individually. It will be possible to set-up a team name so people could join that when paying.

The recommended start time is 7.30am.

If you would like to chat about the possibilities use this forum, or I am happy to be contacted on 07784 457851 or at hampson.tony@outlook.com

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Yes Tony, I’m going to enter the 15 mile (and consider the longer distance next year) with my husband and thanks for telling us about the event yesterday. My eldest child and her friends are very keen walkers and I considered entering a team, so asked around but it clashes with two of them getting married on the day of the event !

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Excellent. Thanks for such a quick response.

I have entered under the club name of Quantock Orienteers.

The organisers have the facility to put us all together in a team, if requested.

Let’s see how many people enter and what the collective feeling is.

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Hi Tony. I have been part of the safety cover for most of the last 20 years and probably will be doing that again this year too. Its a really good event, well done for suggesting this.

I hope to see you and not need you!