Event entry deadlines (JK)

Cheaper?! entry until Sunday. As always eye wateringly expensive. If you aren’t sure I think I’m correct in that if you enter now and have to cancel before March it is cheaper than entering later?
It is the closest JK for the next few years although the events aren’t exactly close together.

Have been to all but one JK’s in the last decade and enjoyed them all. High quality course planning has often made for a good experience even on average areas. Admittedly, using an average area is fairly common but inevitable given the better areas are usually more remote and hence have a much smaller pool of volunteers/clubs in the vicinity. Having said this, it looks a decent set of areas from RG and I enjoyed my previous run at Beaudesert, which provided a sufficent technical challenge, with some areas of good runnability.
VFM is good considering how much costs escalate for major events and cost heavily subsidised by a gargantuan volunteer effort. Rosie is correct that cancelling is cheap if required- a 90% refund is receivable until the closing date for the non-relay days, which is 3 March.
Convenience factor pretty high with parking very near to Starts/ Finishes each day. Plenty of accommodation options handy for the Beaudesert days means travel time once up there is pretty average for a JK. Though less convenient for us Somerset based runners, the exit event (relays) is further North.
As ever, JK hostage to potentially bleak UK springtime weather- felt lucky to escape entact from parking field which became a quagmire last time at Beaudesert.
Looking forward to the relays and hoping we can get some teams together!

Thanks @RosieW - I am all signed up :slight_smile:

I will probably give the relay a miss though as a bit too far up for me.

Same here - and Andy entered just in case as he could be in India!