Entry deadlines

Was going to do a heads up re the price hike deadlines for some big events which is 5 February and note that we have all had a reminder from BOF. Andy and I have 25 March on our radar and note that only the elite young QO have entered so far - are they intending to be a relay team again the next day? We may make a weekend of it if QO are there in numbers.

@RosieW I am planning to be there for the British Long Distance Championships on 25th March and have made myself available for relay selection…

I’ve just entered BOC Long day 25 March with view to doing relays on the Sunday.
Hoping I can be part of a relay team too at the JK in the Lakes (have booked my accommodation)
Also the Scottish 6 Days first price increase (£2/day) is tomorrow as I write this (Tues 31 Jan)

Good catch @Jeff.Pakes

Take note @Pete

Entered:British Long, JK, and Scottish --said could be available for a relay at any.
Steve R

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I’ll be entering the Long champs before the 5th too :+1: sounds like we should get at least 3 teams for the relay on the following day

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