England GPS Orienteering League courses

Obviously I know about the QO course for SEGOL coming up - Taunton West - Quantock Orienteers

But is there a resource anywhere of other events in the series?

If not, it would be great if we could post any you come across here!

The league page is at https://www.seoulorienteering.org.uk/races/y2021/?i=1
Scroll down past the SEOUL listings and you’ll find the SEGOL ones. Not many in there yet, but last year most events took place autumn/winter.

We did have something like four times the average entry of the other events last year. So perhaps some other clubs didn’t think it worth repeating. Or perhaps they are concentrating on their SEOUL 2021 event (our next one is in 2022).

Thanks Alasdair - actually useful to have a list of SEOUL events as well. There are two in one weekend up near my parents which are tempting.

Looks like Devon are planning a SEGOL this year. I’m going to see if any other SWOA clubs are interested…

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