Devon West Down Results 05/02

It was glorious sunshine on Dartmoor for this re-arranged Devon league event at West Down.

A good turnout of 20 QOs of all ages made the journey - some of whom are pictured in the photo below:

Robin and Ollie came 2nd and 3rd on Brown, although Adam looks to have been unlucky having some great leg splits but missing 13.

Ray had a good result on Green, coming 3rd less than 2 minutes behind the winner.



6.72km 370m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind Award
2nd Robin Fieldhouse QO M21 61:20 +3:39 Brown standard
3rd Oliver Rant QO M21 61:48 +4:07 Brown standard
8th Andy Rimes QO M60 83:28 +25:47 Brown standard
9th Jeff Pakes QO M50 83:32 +25:51 Brown standard
11th Brian Pearson QO M60 85:54 +28:13 Brown standard
12th Pete Shirvington QO M50 90:35 +32:54
14th Philip Sorrell QO M45 96:30 +38:49
Adam Fieldhouse QO M21 m13

Brown standard: 86:32


6.21km 320m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind Award
9th S M Braine QO W55 88:17 +11:05 Blue standard
15th Rosie Wych QO W65 110:45 +33:33 Blue standard
18th Vicky Fieldhouse QO W60 150:12 +73:00

Blue standard: 115:48


4.11km 190m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind Award
3rd Ray Toomer QO M65 55:04 +1:41 Green standard
16th Ailani Braine- Clarke W20 75:59 +22:36 Green standard

Green standard: 80:05

Short Green

2.7km 110m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind Award
4th Roger Craddock QO M80 54:13 +17:14 Short Green standard
5th Sue Toomer QO W65 54:59 +18:00 Short Green standard
11th Graham Pearson QO M60 66:32 +29:33
12th Karen Lewis QO W55 68:37 +31:38

Short Green standard: 56:59

Lt Green

3.62km 155m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
4th Oliver Lewis QO M16 76:15 +33:03


3.54km 120m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind Award
8th Annabelle Lewis QO W16 85:35 +43:42

Orange standard: 65:26


2.08km 65m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind Award
2nd Bee Hemmings QO M10 47:25 +22:13

Another photo taken face into the sun!

The sunshine was lovely and the terrain was fantastic. Unfortunately continuing poor fitness was made worse by some dodgy orienteering and an ice skating injury…

I mis-read the map to control 1 - taking the longer route around the vegetation and down the spur. Running was horrid on the rocks on the steep slope and I aggravated a bruised blister picked up ice skating the night before (which added to my woes for the rest of the course).

I actually got into quite a good rhythm up to control 8 - perhaps not as fast as I would want, but my navigation was ok. It went a bit (7 minutes) wrong on control 9 - I choose the track rather than the ditch (which, it turns out, has a delightful path on it), choose a bad attack point and panicked.

I was very surprised to see @Jeff.Pakes at control 13… until I realised I was actually at control 18 and Jeff (who had a fantastic run) had done the loop up and around the hill I still had to do. Thankfully I was not out of position too badly.

14 was the next to go wrong - I must have ignored my compass and headed to the wrong group of trees before I realised my mistake, and then I came out of the control at the wrong angle wasting more time heading in the wrong direction (thankfully I spotted the overhead cable that should not have been there).

The rest of the course was fine but I was glad to finish! Thankfully @Pete and Jeff went to the far controls for their collection stint leaving me to have a gentle hobble collecting the nearer controls whilst practicing how to use a compass in the sunshine.

Thanks to Devon and all the volunteers for putting on the event, and it was great to see so many QO shirts.

Now I just need to rest and try and find my form before a five event head-to-head against Pete in Portugal next week!