Devon vs QO entries now open!

Entries to the Devon vs QO 2x2 relay on 15th June are now open: Ham Hill - Quantock Orienteers

If you have never come across a 2x2 relay before - it consists of teams of two who each run two legs each with a mass start for the first leg. The legs are colour-coded and fairly short (with approximate winning times of 20 minutes).

A team can be made up of two participants who compete on different courses - so you can be in a team with a partner, or a parent can team up with their child. Each competitor just does their usual colour course and as the win times should be the same, everyone competes equally.

The first team back (assuming they have not miss punched) win!

The 2x2 format is a regular of Swansea Bay at their Weekend on The Gower - it is a very social format as everyone attends the full event and half the participants are socialising at the start / finish cheering on their teammates.

Please note that the deadline to enter is strictly 9th June, with no late entries or entries on the day (as there is a lot of admin that needs to happen before the event!)

Organisers plea for help!
At events it is usual scheme to ask for volunteer help from competitors who can then run early or late. The format of this relay obviously precludes that simple plan. Requirements are minimal but we do need 2 road crossing marshals and an adult to patrol the busy area near the pub.
The event is hopefully a nice social affair as there is a pleasantly sheltered grassy area for assembly and picnic after the event. If anyone is entering and bringing along other half etc who could be imposed on to man a short shift that would be HUGELY appreciated. If that is the case could you reply to this post and I will be in touch.
Thank you
Rosie Wych

I will be entering for the Devon vs QO. I will join forces with Annabelle. I am looking for a volunteer to join forces with Oliver.

@KarenLewis you can enter Oliver without a partner and we will pair him up with someone (or you can update your entry before the deadline if you find a partner).

Excellent for starting the ball rolling for entries! However can you amend the entry for either you or your partner as one of you needs to do legs 2 and 4!

I’m looking for a relay partner for Ham Hill, I’m happy to run with Oliver if he doesn’t have a partner. Dylan is also looking for a partner if anyone is happy to run with him.