Covid-19 Discussion

Well, we can’t not talk about it!

Where/how are people getting their exercise at the moment?
What are you doing to get your orienteering fix?

We are getting a longer run every other day each and on alternate dasy a shorter (slower) run with the kids.

Otherwise been getting to grips with Virtual-O (the orienteering simulator) and started to watch the ‘Analyze my orienteering’ videos -

That is a great series of videos!
We’re having some days of family walks, and others as runs. Almost back to my 2015 times for one of my set routes around the village.

I’m walking around the village. I am gardening - I have dug the veg patch and now I’m putting a large chunk of ground back to lawn. Getting the weeds out. Oh and I nearly forgot, my most favourite of past times - cleaning :unamused:

I dislike day-to-day cleaning, but I do love a proper deep clean!

The kids ran a MapRun course around Bishops Hull today as their daily exercise. Got the map from OpenOrienteeringMap, used Purple Pen to add the controls, then created a file of the locations in Google Earth to feed MapRun using its local event feature. Sebastian won by half a minute following the turtle approach - slow and steady.

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I WAS getting out on the mountain bike, until a Gravity > Grip moment resulted in damaged rib cage, among several other injuries!

5 weeks later I can finally take a deep breath, and hope to get out again this weekend and start building up some fitness again.

Oops! Glad you have recovered.

Lots of precautions being taken at events, but we’re getting back to orienteering again.