Controls 100 & 102

Are they worth it?

For my route, I did the loop down to 102 (48, 17, 24, 69) before then taking the low and long route along the bottom to 100 and then climbing up to 95. I planned to pick up the skipped 65, 58 & 44 coming up out of the woods.

I think 102 kind of makes sense as it is not too far down to 102 (and a short sharp climb back) from 69, but I think 100, in hindsight, was a poor choice.

The route along the bottom was less flat than I had hoped, the navigation was surprisingly tricky along the way (the out-of-bounds markings were covering detail) and, unless you find the unmarked path that cuts across to the higher path near 100, you have bad terrain or a detour to get up to the control. The climb back up was also murderous and time-consuming.