Combe Wood JOG This Saturday ONLY

Do sign up. It’s a completely new site with some great routes mapped at all levels.

We can only run this event for one day as it is all held on private land.

MapRunF Event BUT with a difference: all control locations will be marked with flags. The main difficulty I have found with maprun is knowing if you are in the right location, so i have placed a small marker flag at each control as a solution, and as insurance in case the GPS does not locate you correctly.

I’d love to hear how people get on.


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Hoping to get there. Just need to resolve clash with a daughter doing a cross country event at school…

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You did a great job David. Creating an event on a new area with a new map with a new techy format, plus all the effort in ensuring folks were on the right track with those kites and tapes must have taken some doing. Plus being there to welcome us- just like a real JOG. Flora and I really enjoyed ourselves.


Thanks Jeff, that means a lot.

It was hard work, but worth it when so many people turned up.

Glad you and Flora enjoyed it - she’s fab!

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Loved it - my first time properly off paths in woodland orienteering in ages. Shoes have now been through the washing machine!

Well done David! Great event and the woodland is wonderful.

Sad to have missed this one as we have been looking forward to it for since it was scheduled First time around. Hope the area will be used again another time!

It was a lovely area. We were very lucky to get to visit it.

We’ve also got another new area this season - Crosslands. It is outside Wellington and a great place to explore (also my usual running area as it’s what my study window looks out onto).