Christmas Novelty Social - entries are now open!

Entries are now open for our Christmas Novelty event & social - Crosslands - Quantock Orienteers

Join Santa and helpers at our Christmas social and enjoy some orienteering with a festive twist followed by food at Sampford Arundel Village Hall.

Please sign up as soon as you can so we can confirm numbers for the social!

The food will be:

  • chicken curry
  • cottage pie
  • vegan allotment pie
  • vegan curry
  • rice and naan bread.

Vegan dishes will also be gluten-free.

Tickets for the social are £3 for under-16s and £4 for over-16s and can be booked when pre-entering the event.

This will be a 30 minute score course with a twist. There are two types of controls - score controls and home controls. You can only punch two score controls in a row before having to punch a home control (and you can’t punch a home control until you’ve punched two score controls). Repeat punches of the same home control are allowed but repeats of a score control will not count towards your score.

The score controls will be scored based on their decade, just like in our Street Series. There is a 10 point penalty per minute over the time limit. There are no bonuses for being under the time limit. Rankings between those with the same points score will be decided on time.

Score controls are 110 upwards and home controls are 101-106. On the map, score controls are in the usual purple and home controls are in red. On the ground, home controls will have a Christmassy theme. All home controls are marked on the Junior map. Only a selection are marked on the Senior map, but if you find another one you can use it (they are still on the Senior CDs so at least one can be worked out from that).

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