Christmas Novelty at Fyne Court

Posted on behalf of @craddocktaunton:

QO specializes in small, challenging, events whether they be on the streets of Somerset towns on at a Christmas Novelty!

26 people (ranging in age from 5 to 75) explored Fyne Court and Broomfield Common from the luxury of Broomfield Hall under the guidance of ‘Santa’ Tom Hasler with his elves supplying refreshments at a social distance. The combination of age and beauty of Sarah, Robin, and Jim mustered a large winning margin while several family groups enjoyed splitting the challenges of map memory with bonus points for returning early or penalties for being late. The Hammond family from Scotland (FVO) deserve a special mention as they came first in the senior and Intermediate map memory courses on their raw scores.

Team results:

Write up from the website:

After COVID took it’s toll, we were down to 23 competitors, three of those from Scotland!

Despite the muddy conditions (apologies to Broomfield Hall for spoiling their excellent parking field) 8 teams competed for the best score on three courses. Two of these were map memory with different numbers of controls for the Seniors and Intermediates. Congratulations to Sarah Hasler, Jim Mallinson, and Robin Carter (DEVON)

Many thanks to Santa (aka Thomas Hasler) who planned, hung all the controls, and briefed the teams before the mass start. Andy Rimes who set up (and tweeked) the scores to give us worthy winners and to the ladies who served us mulled wine, mince/apple pies and soft drinks while the volunteers collected in the controls.

We all enjoyed a day out in the open air – it even stopped raining!

Thanks to planner and organiser and all volunteers. it was a good fun event.
It was my first attempt at running since getting COVID at the end of November. Despite feeling awful physically, and not breathing properly again for a couple of hours, I really enjoyed being out. I found all the controls in three neat passes through the area taking about half an hour, but in a bout of extreme muppetry mustn’t have held my dibber down long enough on 108 as it didn’t register.