Can anyone please explain how the BO points work?

Can anyone explain how the QOFL points work? Just looked at the BO web site and see I got points for one event but not for another and just wondered how it works.


Hello David
So this is the national ranking system. Points are worked by a magic formula. There is a document on the British Orienteering web site explaining the ranking scheme and the formula, search for competition rule S.
If you click on any of the scoring events you can see the calculations.
To get a score the event needs to be Regional status or better, and there need to be minimum 8 finishers on your course not counting any outliers, so that may explain why you have not scored in all those races.
I don’t know why you have no result for 19/10/23 - on the QO website you are not listed as taking part! If this is a mistake I’m sure it can be rectified.
Hope that helps

Hi Richard,

Thanks for explaining.

29/10/23 I did first aid but did not compete as I was unwell so I’ve no idea how there is a time there for me unless my hired SI was re-allocated to someone else! There does not appear to be anyone else on the finishers list with that finishing time though. Makes no difference to me so not worth following up.

QOFL1 on 08/10/23 is showing as eight finishers - I was not sure what an outlier is so just looked it up and I am none the wiser!

It says :
5.2.3 Outlier: Outliers are regarded as performances that are inappropriate to include in the calculation of Ranking points and may arise for several reasons. These might include exceptional results, incorrect results, results attributed to the wrong BOF member etc. An “outlier” is any score which is more than 100 different from a runner’s current score and is ignored in all calculations.

So does this mean my score was excluded because I did better than I’d done before? If so it seems a bit harsh! Especially as it is consistent with my time and score for the next race on 26/11/23.

Hi David,

As Richard mentions we need to have eight ranking runners on a course to count for the ranking points. Blue (and me) missed out at the last QOFL and with my Results Secretary hat on, I raised a concern about this to the committee as people may be travelling some distance to do a regional and gain points. Our event clashed with a KERNO regional and on the Saturday BOK had a regional so the numbers would have been down.

I had a look at your results and for 29th Oct Great Wood it seems that you started just after me at 1pm and punched the first control 4 minutes later, then you next punched the finish at 14:13. Even though you were out for a non-competitive foray after helping, for the competition this would act as a mispunch. Your ‘result’ is on the spreadsheet I uploaded to BOF but looks like it has been filtered from our website results.

As for 8th Oct it looks like Short Green didn’t have enough non-outlier results to count for the calculations, so no runner had points awarded. I would be surprised and likewise feel it harsh if your 1st place result was an outlier.

Thanks for raising this as something to consider now the QOFL has transitioned to regional status.

Hi Brian.

Thank you for the info. Re the event on the 29th: I did not start that event - I went straight home after my 1st aid duties so I’ve no idea who that was who was registered as me!

Shame about the 1st place - it’ll probably be the only time in my life that I get one!

C’est la vie.

Bit of a mystery there, not helped by me getting my Great Bears and Woods mixed up, now corrected above. Someone in the team on the day may remember what the hire card was used for, eg sometimes an official will borrow a card for checking purposes.

Hopefully the 1st place will have raised your ‘current score’ to prevent further outliers, a small consolation if that is what happened.