Brothers Live at the OMM

Fellow QO’s Adam & Robin Fieldhouse are currently racing in this weekend’s OMM event.
You can watch their progress live via the link below, team 26, elite course, currently in 7 place!


They finished 5th on day 1.

Here is the live tracking for day 2 - LIVE TRACKING ELITE D2 |

Looking like a great result! I was concerned when tracking this morning that they hit big trouble at #4, it could well have been cloudy and hard to pick up the right contour. Their tracking stopped there but the results show a full set of splits :smile:

From Mike Crockett:

I have been watching the OMM website this weekend and was delighted to see that Adam and Robin Fieldhouse came 4th in the Elite class.

Their time of 13 hrs 27 mins 16 secs over the two days of completion in really tough Lake District conditions is a real test of stamina.

Congratulations to them on a magnificent achievement.

Mike Crockett
Former KIMM and OMM competitor (but not elite)

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A great result indeed, hopefully Adam and Robin will publish a report - once recovered! I also remember that you and Bill Vigar made a formidable team with more than one win as veterans the 1980s or 90s?

Yes we won the vets handicap quite a few times,thanks to our generous handicap. We only had two teams older than us at two of the events I looked at. Chris Brasher ( London Marathon and Melbourne Olympic fame) was in one of them. Happy days even though it was “never again” after every finish.