British Long Distance Championships 2021: Saturday 2 October 2021, Braunton Burrows

As announced on British Orienteering’s website: British Orienteering

Really excited for this - as a teenager I went to an annual camp where one evening was always spent doing a night excercise on Braunton Burrows navigating across the dunes finding ‘contacts’ and avoiding being spotted by ‘patrols’ (often with flares to keep you on your toes).

That sounds a great deal of fun! Sounds like you’ll find the daytime nav a synch, then?!
I found dunes/burrows a real struggle on my first few runs. An experienced club member telling me it was easy (!) prompted me to decypher how everything was represented on the map and it became much easier from then on, though.
Roll on October!

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  • a cinch (not a synch)