Bridgwater urban 12/02/2022 - results

This was a great event, with a good variety of experienced and new participants.

The long course had the now-standard Fieldhouse-Rant bloc dominating the rankings. Robin and Oli traded the lead throughout but a 30s difference on control #23 cemented the result and Oli Rant came out on top with a stunning time of 44:32

On Medium, Gavin Clegg lead throughout, though Rachel Leathwood did pip him by a few seconds on a few individual legs.

The Short lead changed hands many times up to control #6. From there, Sophie Leathwood took control and eventually stormed home with an almost 2 minute lead.

For full results see: Results for Bridgwater Central Urban Event - 12 Feb 2022 - Provisional

How did you get on? Did you enjoy the course?

I shadowed our 9-year-old on the medium course and we had a lot of fun out in Bridgwater.

My role was road crossing supervision whilst Sebastian navigated (the only help he needed was highlighting a few of the tiny paths on the map he kept missing).

We made good steady progress although we hit the road works blocking the footpath from 4 towards 5 meaning a longer diversion. Not staying in touch with the map lead to almost going the wrong way from 6 and some confusion between 7 and 8, and with 11/12/13. The latter was not helped by the wind and cold picking up. We persevered though and, despite a fall near the YMCA, ultimately finished in good spirits.

Overall, he finished the course with only a little help which is a massive achievement!

Thanks to the start team getting us switched to the longer course.

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Routegadget is now available: Routegadget 2

I did enjoy it but I had a terrible start! Arriving a little flustered and cold, I picked up the wrong map. I found I had a medium when I had intended to do long. I then headed off in the wrong direction - that’s the effect of starting in a square and being keen to get going. Then I was puzzled why the control numbers did not match the descriptions. Once I had worked it out I continued to do the medium and enjoyed it. I suppose I was rather distracted by the next day’s events.


I’ve just read your comment, Richard, as I had the same experience and managed to pick up a medium course map from the box. Realised my mistake at first control but decided I wanted to take it easy before Ramscombe anyway (a wise decision it turned out!)
Enjoyable event around the town I was born in, now looking very different from those days. Thanks

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Just seen the piece and photos on the Bridgwater Mercury website from the urban event:

I didn’t know how to copy the photos or share the fb post, I’m afraid, but some nice pics of people there.

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