Brecons Weekend

R and I just returned from a weekend of activities ( mountain biking and hillwalking) in the Brecons with excessive eating and drinking to celebrate her birthday and found a low key O event run by SBOC on Black Mountain today to do before coming home. The weather driving over there was atrocious- very high winds blowing large rain showers in with the odd hint of blue sky between. Event centre was in a public car park at the very top of the mountain pass where standing upright was hard enough. We both did blue 6.6km which was the longest on offer. The rain actually abated all the time we were out but the constant wind was distracting to say the least and had to be carefully considered when negotiating the many quarried edges throughout the area. Terrain was typically south welsh mountainside with lots of karst features-sinkholes, pits, crags and loose boulders everywhere and was a good technical and physical challenge. I did ok I think (no results yet) with no navigational errors but suffering from too much dining ( and wining) out the previous two nights so speed definitely suffered.
What was good to experience was to observe Ben and Megan (both GB runners) sprinting past me on horrible terrain effortlessly like it was a local track training night and likely both completing the same course in less than half my time😬 oh and in case you were wondering, birthday girl was obviously also regretting the night before and managed to wander way off course and struggled to find the right sinkhole amongst dozens in one area so gave up and retired.

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Sounds like a good weekend away @andyr .

At Braunton Borrows it was so impressive watching elites fly past - the speed combined with orienteering skills is amazing.

Can you post a link to RouteGadget if it ever appears as it would be interesting to see the map.