BOK Yvette Baker Trophy Heat results - Wavering Down - Sunday 8th May 2022

28 QOs, including a fantastic turnout of 13 juniors, took part in BOK’s regional event and Yvette Baker Trophy Heat in the sweltering heat on Sunday.

A huge congratulations to the junior squad, who came in 2nd place in the Trophy competition just behind BOK (with almost twice as many juniors as we do).

A news article will follow on the website.


13th Peter Shirvington @Pete 88:35
16th Jeff Pakes @Jeff.Pakes 94:43
27th Brian Pearson @BrianJP 125:20


5th Andrew Bussell 58:05
27th Stephen Lysaczenko @stephen 76:30
34th Sheila Braine 88:32
37th Matthew Knipe 96:12


12th Hamish Braine-Clarke 61:55
18th Matthew Carter 64:07
26th Elizabeth Treherne @Miffy 70:29
30th Simon St Leger-Harris @simonslh 75:53
34th Tony Hext 79:47

Short Green

3rd Graham Pearson 41:35
11th John Trayler 56:31
13th Roger Craddock @craddocktaunton 58:25
26th Karen Lewis @KarenLewis 95:50

Light Green

5th Lucy Bussell 47:11


6th Jacob Chattell 52:26
7th Annabel Carter 52:31
10th Jacob Shirvington 55:46
11th Oliver Lewis 56:43
17th Finley Goddard 86:48
Annabelle Lewis m12


5th Al Hemmings 33:01
13th Chloe Carter 49:39
14th Sebastian Hemmings 50:33
16th Deeyana Jaradat 64:05
17th Ilyaseen Jaradat 64:06

All results: BOK Regional event and Yvette Baker Trophy Heat - Wavering Down - Sunday 8th May 2022 | Bristol Orienteering Klub

Thanks you Phil and Pete for coordinating this brilliant effort. It was an especially good idea encouraging all our folks to get together on the Saturday for an ice breaker, some fun and some coaching.
Thank you both also for trying to put Flora at ease and make her feel like part of the group. She didn’t run for the team this time because probably correctly she felt she didnt have the experience, but I think this served as a good primer for her and she’ll be back!

What a great result! Well done everybody :clap: