BOK Urban Event in Axbridge and West Cheddar on 15 May

David Faulkner has just asked me to promote the BOK Urban event in Axbridge and West Cheddar as “it’s one of the easier ones for your folks to get to”. It’s on Wed 15 May. Entries close tonight!

BOK Urban Series Race 4 - Axbridge & West Cheddar, Wednesday 15th May 2024

Entries CLOSE Wednesday 8th May 2024 - Register now to guarantee your run!

Enter via Pre-Entries HERE


Alas one in the series I can’t make it to.
18 QO members have entered - good luck all!

Although the first entry deadline has now passed, you can still enter up until the day before, subject to availability.

Yes - we can’t get to this one either, which is a shame …