BOK Adams Avery & junior relays - 30th June

On Sunday 30th June there are relays at Aston Court - see Adams-Avery & Junior Relays, Ashton Court, Sunday 30th June 2024 | Bristol Orienteering Klub

There is an adhoc relay (Green - Short Green - Green) and the Adams Avery relay (Blue - Green - Blue) (and there are rules for the combined team - so you cannot have 3 M21s).

Does anyone fancy forming a team with me?

Haven’t really read any of the details yet but I am potentially interested - yesterday hasn’t put me off relays too much!

Excellent (presumably the nettle rashes have faded now!)

We just need one other person who is not a M21, M35 or M40.

Shouldn’t the Club Captain be sorting out teams for these events?
I’m sure former Captain Chris would have had a dozen QO teams entered by now?

Hi Phil,
I’m happy to join your relay team if you still need another person.

Yes please @Fin_G :slight_smile: that would be great.

If anyone else is interested, Linda is keen to take part. @Fin_G what parent is taking you - can you Dad be convinced to rum in a team?

@daylightgambler I think were all going up and im sure my dad will want to run aswell.

I case you have not seen the update on the BOK website, this event has been postponed until October as Aston Court is being re-seeded by Bristol City Council

Thanks Roger. Hopefully we can encourage a few more teams in October.

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