Blackborough 2023

When I saw the blank map in the start lane, with large areas of dark green, I thought we’d be in for a tough day. I was glad to have gaiters on, which I don’t normally use. But I found it much more runnable than I expected - credit to the planner for finding the best areas.
To begin with there was a lot of path running, but after finding 8 to 9 was fairly easy going I was much more willing to go off-path.
My 10-11 was the worst bit, I tried to avoid the bog and go up through the rough open which really didn’t work and I had to bail. Lost well over 5 minutes and was caught by 2 others.
My favourite bits were 11 to 14. On the map it looked grotty but it was good orienteering and I was in the middle of a 3 man chase which added incentive.
I lost more time 15 to 16. 16 was hard to find and I went past it three times before spotting the feature. Just as I found it my chaser arrived so I gave the position away.
Quite a long run, but nice to have a brown option at a QOFL.
Thanks to the team. Lovely sunny weather was a bonus. It was an ideal venue with that parking field and even a pasty and ice-cream shop! Great day out.

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Views from Organisers
We were very grateful for:

  • the co-operation of Andrea and her staff at Forest Glade Caravan Park. Excellent pasties!
  • the generosity of users of the parking field (almost £200 collected). A special mention of Robin Fieldhouse who had run (and won) the 23 ml Man v Horse from Nether Stowey and over the Quantocks the day before. He helped with parking, donations and control collection as well as coming 2nd on the Brown course!
  • the weather!
  • the Planner, Ray Toomer. Controller, Andy Reynolds (DEVON), and mapper Andy Rimes for taking on a major event at short notice.
  • Team 1 of helpers for being there and sharing the load.
    Roger & Judy Craddock (organisers)
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As a result of our collection of voluntary donations from the cars coming to the Blackborough QOFL we raised £200 and added a QO contribution. The thanks from the Devon Air Ambulance included this Certificate.

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