Bishops Hull Street Event

A huge thank you to Philip for planning and running the event. And to Judy, too, for helping.
I really enjoyed the event, even though it was probably the wettest urban I’ve ever done. What a variety of terrain! That footpath from 48 to 31 along the field, over the fallen tree was something else. And 61 to 44 was effectively a stream.
The new housing in the SW corner of the map made for some interesting route choices.
It was a really well planned course - thanks. Even with the OOB, it was still too much for me to do all the controls so some tough decisions.

Glad you enjoyed it Graham! Thanks for coming down.

Planner comments:

Firstly thank you to Roger and Judy @craddocktaunton for organising and for everyone who turned up despite the threat of wet feet!

When I first offered to plan a street series event in Bishops Hull using the map I put together for the JOG last year, I was concerned whether the area was big enough or complex enough. Including Netherclay Woods, a gem in Summer, seemed necessary to make sure there was enough distance.

As the courses came together however, I relied on Netherclay less and less. Whilst the original map had 160 points (from 4 controls) in the far corners of the wood, I was seeing it as more of a distraction to tempt people away from the lower hanging fruit in the centre. The decision to make the woods OOB this morning (the road is badly flooded as @Mr_Rant found out, the woods are a mud slick in places, and one control was right next to the edge of the flooded river), ultimately proved that the woods were not needed anyway as no one on either the short or long course went to all controls.

One of the joys I found during planning was trying to craft the ultimate puzzle, and I was pleased to see the variability of route choices which suggests there was a good amount of options for all abilities.

For what it is worth:

  • The new estate bottom left was planned to make it look like there were more blue points than red (they are the same)
  • 47 and 34 were planned to reward those that spotted the cut through
  • I spent a lot of time making sure you cannot get 45 unless you go around onto the playing field
  • There are 3 controls near QO member houses
  • My favourite control was 50 - seeing that hill as you go around the corner is soul destroying

Thanks for planning Phil. I really enjoyed the mix of urban and trail for the street series. At first look, it appears possible to get them all, but now i look back at it, I don’t think this is the case.
As you can probably tell from my trace I made a huge blunder and instinctively followed netherclay road rather than taking the path along the riverside and ended up in the drink.

Nearly the case but not quite sounds perfect from a planner’s perspective!

I am in awe of how far you kept going into the flood before you realised the error!

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Rather a late addition. Yes a well planned event Phil on the face of it in a tiny area. Well, didn’t I make a pickle of it! I unfortunately triggered the start before being at all ready and then ran off in headless chicken mode with no plan whatever. Had tucked my phone away and the screen had turned off when I eventually dug it out and didn’t want to waste further time…….so didn’t know exactly what time I had started my watch. I really enjoyed the running - a good job as I ran so far to pick up so few controls. Phil’s clever hedge caught me out near the end………I could go on. Anyway, lesson learned, take a deep breath and start properly - possibly could request the start being not so close to registration please. Looking at the results; thank goodness for my age handicap.

Good suggestion Rosie - I did envisage assembly being further up the hill under the light, but it did not work like that on the day.