Barnstaple MapRun

The meet-up was today but the course is still active. This is a 1 hour Score event and ends on Monday 29th August @ 6:30pm. Ran today with a pain in my heel (made it a lot lot worse so may not able to do the challenge on foot so will cycle but not upload my result) and really enjoyed but keep a close eye on the time as the map scale is 1:10 000 as your course may need to be shortened if you want to make it back (and finish) within the hour.

You have 60 minutes to go from the Start to the Finish via as many controls as you can. Gain 20 points per control. Lose 10 points per minute – or part minute over the 60.

Please note: The Start / Finish are Bus Stops adjacent to the train station building.

If you are new to the sport and need assistance on entering via racesignup and/or using the MapRun app. email Matt: or visit the club website and navigate to events.

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