Bampton - Street Series 16/03

I really enjoyed last night’s street series event in Bampton, despite the hills!

I nearly completed the long course - just missing a single 20-pointer (and coming in a minute late). Pleased to spot the obvious switching point being the south east corner - although I could have done it more efficiently.

Thanks to the planner and controller, and it was good to make it to the pub at least.

Really looking forward to the start of the BOK urban series!


Just starting to check and fix the scores. I missed one of the controls when re-colouring and it ended up with a blue circle and red number - I’m going to recalculate all the affected scores and give credit either way.

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I enjoyed my run around the Short course, though with 20 minutes to spare I thought I had all the controls. Running towards the Finish from #27 I opened the map and it looked like I just had #21 to go, I must have had my thumb over #29 and #63 doh! Apart from a hitch at #33 thinking I could use the small path (didn’t see the missing peck to show it didn’t connect) the rest went smoothly…

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