Armchair Planning for MapRun

Whilst we can’t get out orienteering, we thought it would be a good idea to get ahead with mapping and planning future MapRun events.

The master spreadsheet of who is doing what area is at:
Please feel free to add new areas, or sign up to help someone who has already put up an area.

Much of the mapping will be done on
When you sign up to edit, it gives an excellent tutorial in how to do it. When you save edits, it asks you for your source - don’t put Google as it blocks anything with that name; I put Field Notes and that gets accepted.

For our purposes, there are a few things to focus on, in this order:

  1. Roads and paths
  2. Green spaces, woods and scrub
  3. Hard standing (like car parks)
  4. Significant boundaries (like fences, walls and hedges)
  5. Buildings
  6. Significant lone trees
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Going to give this a try around Bishops Hull!

Excellent. Look forward to seeing the results…
I;m still working on the Bridgewater one for next year’s Weekend of O.

We’re looking for some planners for events in the coming season…

Worth watching these videos on the next step - making MapRun courses: