A visit from Roland and his mates

I was woke up early yesterday morning by unwelcome visitors downstairs. A combination of mistakes - we had not shut the utility door and I had left shopping on the kitchen floor ready for re-delivery. I’m shopping for 2 others. Anyway, our visitors managed to get away with 2 whole packets of chocolate digestive, 2 mars bars and were attempting to make their escape with a kilo of porridge oats when they knocked over some bottles. Ah, the joy of living in the country and in a house we have not finished renovating yet.
I gave them an extra special supper last night :grin::grin::grin:

A packet of digestives ?! How big were these rats?!

I was once climbing down at the Dewerstone. I got back from the first route, and found that not only had someone nicked my Mars bar, they’d cut the zip in my rucksack to get it.
When I was halfway up the next route, still grumbling, I saw a squirrel bite its way into someone else’s bag and have away with their food. Sneaky!
Another time, i saw one, possibly the same one, trying to drag a water bottle up a tree!

They don’t tend to hang around. By the time I had woke up Richard to go downstairs to sort it out, they were well gone.
They left one of the biscuit packets and it was still in the same shape as if it still contained biscuits. Very clever.
I almost feel ashamed of poisoning them😉