A look ahead to 2024-2025 - take 2!

Maps at the start

Our announcement in April proved to be premature as we’ve had to make some changes to our events programme for next winter.

Unexpected difficulties with land access have forced us to postpone events scheduled for early autumn. Plus we’ve had to drop one of our QOFLs after failing to find a Planner and an Organiser.

But we have tackled these difficulties and come up with a new revised programme. Subject to permissions this is what we hope to have:

Sat 9 Nov Club Championships Ramscombe
Sun 24 Nov QO Forest League & SW League Aisholt Common
Sun 15 Dec QO Forest League Wilmot’s Pool
Sun 26 Jan QO Forest League & Devon League Woodbury Common
Sat 8 Feb QO Forest League Culmstock
Sun 23 Feb CompassSport Cup Croydon Hill
Sun 23 Mar Urban Bridgwater

Yes it is a late start to the winter season. And I realise the loss of one Forest League will be disappointing to our members as these are our most popular races. But it wasn’t for lack of trying.

We could add more. If anyone fancies organising a Christmas event that would fit in nicely. We’ve had some great Christmas “novelty” events in previous years. It doesn’t have to be anything clever, something light hearted and a bit different usually goes down very well. Also if people come forward to support it we could potentially add another QOFL on Sun 5th January.

As always any comments or offers to help, please get in touch. Email me, Richard Sansbury, using the fixtures@ email address.

Just a correction - the QOFL on Saturday 8th February is at Quantocks North not Culmstock