30th Jan SWOL - Soudley Ponds, Forest of Dean results

A handful of QOs headed to Forest of Dean to enjoy the last event in the area before it closes for the orinteering season.

The event, hosted by NGOC, was the penultimate event of the South West Orienteering League.

Judging by the finishing times, the courses were long.

Results | RouteGadget

Write up from @KarenLewis:

It was a super long course - definitely felt more than 3.3 km and more rise than 130 m.

It was a really tough gig - brashings, boulders etc.

No problems with numbers 1 and 2.

3 seemed further down the hill than shown - there were 4 of us having the same problem.

4 and 5 okay - although I went right pass.

I raised a complaint about number 6. To get from 5 to 6 you had to go through 9. When you have the map in the direction of travel 9 becomes 6. Spent ages scratching my head. Didn’t even consider it was a control on my map.:roll_eyes:

I love it when they save the climb to the end of the course. 12 to 13 should have been straight forward and would have been if I hadn’t doubted myself. I could see the top of a control at the top of a rampart and thought, no can’t be mine as the control description said pit! What a donkey. Eventually, went to finish and then back to 12.

As you can see from the results, there were a lot of people out there for a long time.

When Annabelle and Oliver said that it took over an hour, I thought they hadn’t done very well. They didn’t too bad at all - again I think the course was tougher than is normal.

Really @KarenLewis … Really?!!