Weekend results - 22 & 23 April

There were several orienteering events across the region attended by QO tourists.

22 April - Goblin Coombe - BOK

Goblin Combe is a SSI (as designated by Natural England), owned by North Somerset Council and managed by the environment charity Groundwork (South). Goblin Combe is a picturesque limestone gorge that is situated in an area of natural woodland.

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Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind Award
17th Jeff Pakes @Jeff.Pakes QO M50 72:19 +25:06 Blue standard
36th Graham Hartley @GrahamH QO M55 88:03 +40:50


Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind Award
12th Miffy Treherne @Miffy QO W55 85:45 +19:55 Green standard
14th Simon St Leger-Harris @simonslh QO M65 91:40 +25:50 Green standard

23 April - Mount Edgcumbe - KERNO

A South West League event in a landscaped deer park on a hill overlooking Plymouth.

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Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
7th Philip Sorrell @daylightgambler QO M45 75:28 +23:58

Short Green

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
2nd Tony Hext QO M75 38:51 +11:28
4th Adele Appleby QO W60 43:10 +15:47
8th Roger Craddock @craddocktaunton QO M80 44:46 +17:23


Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
1st Bee Hemmings QO M10 27:11

In the league. with one event to go, Jeff is 5th with Phil 8th on Brown. Tony is in contention to win short green - he is currently 3rd but with a race in hand, and Roger is just behind in 5th. On Yellow Bee is leading in 1st place.

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23 April - Amesbury Urban - SARUM

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23 Paul Roberts QO M60 54:07

Short Green

4 Rosie Wych @RosieW QO W65 32:28

Bee and I attended Mount Edgcumbe on the Sunday. It was a long way to travel, slightly mitigated by the excitement of the Tor Point ferry, but as Bee is a contender for Yellow in the South West league we decided it was worth the trip.

On my last visit, as part of the Tamar Triple last year, I was attacked by a deer (Tamar Triple - All weather orienteering in Devon and Cornwall) and I remember the vegetation on the hillside was quite thick.

Bee went off first - his course was essentially the same as last year in reverse (to be fair there are only so many options for the planner!). He had no problems and returned in 1st place after enjoying watching several herds of deer between controls.

I had a great start on my course - in fact on the first leg I equalled Ben Chester’s time and was only a few seconds behind at control 2. We dropped down into an area not visited last year and whilst I could not maintain the speed of those at the top, I was still having a decent run.

On the way to control 8 however I unfortunately smashed my big toe on a rock and I was in a lot of pain for the rest of the course (with hindsight retiring would probably have been sensible). You can see from my splits how my pace dropped considerably:

The course generally was fast and the navigation was fairly straight forward - the vegetation was also much less wild with more runnable wooded areas than I remember.

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