JK Day 4 Results - Relays at Caerwent

The final day of JK featured the relays at Caerwent training area near Chepstow. Formerly a Royal Navy Propellant Factory, the site has over 400 buildings and bunkers on-site and surprisingly varied and complex terrain with woodland to the north.

QO had 6 teams running in 4 competitions - a record turnout for the club managed by Club Captain Pete. It was a lot of fun and congratulations to everyone who took part.

A - JK Trophy

28th QoVadis - Robin Fieldhouse, Philip Sorrell, Adam Fieldhouse

E - Senior Men (M120+)

11th The three amiQOs - Peter Shirvington, Andy Rimes, Jeff Pakes

J - Ultra-Veteran (M/W210+)

20th QorVet - Steve Robertson, Roger Craddock, Simon St Leger-Harris

P - Mixed Ad Hoc

14th StatusQo - Sheila Braine, Hamish Braine-Clarke, Thomas Hasler
34th QoTa2 - Elizabeth Treherne, Oliver Lewis, Martin Lewis
45th QoTa - Karen Lewis, Annabelle Lewis, Sarah Hasler

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From Hamish:

Day 3 Relay at Caerwent former MOD ammunition facility now used as a military training area in Monmouthshire. The relay was great, with a strong Quantock team we were able to do quite well. I had a good run, fast over a flat 3.2 km, with obvious features to navigate off such as big military buildings, paths and fence lines and I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was great with everyone cheering in the finishers.