JK Day 1 Results - Sprint at Swansea Campus and Singleton Park

16 QOs took part in the first day of JK 2022 - a sprint race on Swansea Campus and Singleton Park in the glorious sunshine.

The atmosphere was fantastic for the first JK event in several years. The area consists of an intricate network of buildings with connecting paths, stairs and cut-throughs, and an open area with some more formal gardens.

Full results: Provisional Results - Day 1 - Sprint - 15 Apr 2022


35th Hamish Braine-Clarke 63:47 +49:49


15th Thomas Hasler @Tom 21:29 +6:09


22nd Philip Sorrell @daylightgambler 20:40 +6:27


61st Martin Lewis 26:34 +11:27


63rd Andy Rimes @andyr 24:07 +9:51


36th Alan Nesbit 19:56 +5:40


25th Steve Robertson 17:58 +4:37
31st Simon St Leger-Harris @simonslh 18:43 +5:22


5th Roger Craddock @craddocktaunton 41:19 +20:56


22nd Elizabeth Treherne 23:12 +6:12


59th Joanna Evans 29:31 +13:49
64th Sarah Hasler 33:36 +17:54
70th Sheila Braine 41:03 +25:21


47th Judy Nesbit 33:59 +19:04


10th Rosie Wych 19:16 +3:29
42nd Julia Robertson 42:46 +26:59

I enjoyed my first ever sprint and I am pretty happy with my result.

Despite being quite quick off the line, it took me a few controls to get my eye in - I failed to drop down to control 1 at the stairs, so needed to double back, and misjudged a turn messing up my route to 2. 3 and 4 were good, but I had a brain freeze at 5 losing more time.

From 5 though things came together and the rest of the course went pretty well (well except going to 11 via 12!).

I enjoyed the run-in, and it was a glorious sunny day and the atmosphere on Swansea campus was buzzing - roll on the next few days :slight_smile:

From Hamish (M16):

Day 1 was a Sprint distance at Swansea University, Singleton Park. My M16 distance was 3.1 km, a mix of urban through the university campus and nearby parkland on a detailed 1:3,000 scale. I liked it because you had to be very focused on exactly where your control was and what number it was because they were so close to each other.